class pyglet_gui.containers.Container

A Viewer that contain other viewers. This is an abstract and base class of all containers in Pyglet-gui and is used to group viewers and position them in specific ways.

In the Viewer API, a container is a node in the tree of viewers.

While viewers only have to load graphics, a container has to load both its graphics and its content. Thus, the container provides two aditional methods:


Loads all viewers in the container


Unloads all viewers in the container

Both these methods are already correctly called during a reload().

The getters and setters of content are:


A read-only property returning the content of the container.


Adds the viewer to the container’s content.


Removes the viewer from the container’s content.

Other containers

class pyglet_gui.containers.Wrapper

A wrapper is a container that contains one and only one Viewer. It follows the decorator pattern.

It does not have any graphical appearance and is used by Pyglet-gui for creating more interesting elements such as the ViewerManager.